Quick & Solid takmontert tørkestativ 120cm med håndvinsj


Takmontert tørkestativ med håndvinsj for innendørs eller utendørs: bad, vaskerom, balkonger … Minste plassbehov – klesvask tørker diskret i høyden.

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Quick & Solid takmontert tørkestativ 120cm med håndvinsj

2 models to choose from:
Drying rack 120cm x 60cm (7 clotheslines – 9,6 meters length available drying space).
Drying rack 120cm x 80cm (10 clotheslines – 12 meters length available drying space).

All components required for installation of the ceiling mounted drying rack are provided.
The package contains:
4 aluminium squares (25mm x 25mm), 4 connectors, 8 pulleys, 1 winch handle with fixing, 3mm braided polypropylene grey cord, plastic clothesline, 6 screw hooks, 6 plugs.

Crank winch

Dimensions: Width: 9cm, Height: 11,50cm, Depth: 5,50cm.
Maximum load: 25 kg.
Fixation with 4 screws.
Capacity: 2.50m.length cord of 3 mm diameter
Removable crank. Length of the unfolded crank handle: 23cm, folded: 14cm.
Hand winch can be installed where it is most convenient: on the left side, on the right, behind or in front of the drying rack. The angle is not important.
Hand winch must be placed on the most accessible side so as not to impede the raising and lowering of the drying frame.
We recommend that you leave at least 15 cm of free space on each side of the drying frame in order to prevent the frame or clothes from touching nearby walls or objects.

Easy Installation
You can easily install the drying rack yourself. Detailed installation instructions included.

Installation on a wooden ceiling – without plugs:
The screws that we provide are suitable for installation on a wooden ceiling.
Installation on a concrete ceiling, brick, or false ceiling:
We provide screws and plugs suitable for hollow and solid supports.

Installation on a sloping ceiling:
Installation is simple, our ceiling mounted drying rack is ideal for sloped ceilings. Make sure the drying rack is level – the lengths of the cord will have to be adjusted to compensate for the slope.

For installation on very high ceilings (over 3m50) – contact us – we need to adapt the cord length.
2 years guarantee.

Indoor or outdoor ceiling mounted drying rack

Discreet, compact, practical and solid.
Quick&Solid ceiling mounted drying rack is the best solution to dry clothes inside or outside.
Available in various sizes, this clever ceiling mounted drying rack adapts to the available space in the ceiling even in small rooms.
Lightweight and easy to handle, the Quick&Solid ceiling mounted drying rack is ideal for the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Functional drying rack – the hanging of laundry is done in a comfortable position, without bending or lifting your arms.

Discreet drying rack – no waste of space.

Efficient drying rack – clothes dry faster with the heat that always accumulates at the top.

Ideal for drying linen – your covers and sheets (even larger) can finally be easily extended!

Quick&Solid ceiling mounted drying rack is robust and resistant – you can dry large volumes of laundry(small linen, sheets, towels, pillows, quilts, jackets, pants …..).

You can use it for drying laundry, hanging clothes high or storage things on it.

Economic Drying System – which reduces your bills and electricity consumption. Your clothes effectively in the open air.

Quick&Solid ceiling mounted drying racks are strong and durable. They last many years. You will only have to change the cord after a few years of use.
Vi tilbyr 4 lengder av tak monterte tørkestativer Quick & Solid: 100cm, 120cm, 150cm, 180cm .

Additional information

Weight 3.8 kg
Dimensions 120 × 10 × 10 cm


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